24 Classes for $89 Deal

24 Classes for $89 Deal

Are you interested in joining us for a class?  Are you not sure where to begin?

Most clients start with our Dual Megapass 24 Classes for $89 Deal to explore a variety of classes Online and In Studio.



  • The DUAL MEGA PASS includes IN Studio and Online Classes Drop In Classes
  • The DUAL MEGA PASS is a pay as you go, commitment free, class card
  • The  DUAL MEGA PASS is a group of classes instead of just one class for $30 per class
  • The DUAL MEGA PASS has a set expiration date motivating clients to immerse themselves into training
  • The DUAL MEGA PASS have courtesy extensions for holidays and studio closures


  • You want to train with us, but not sure where to begin
  • You have a crazy schedule and need flexibility 
  • You want to explore a variety of fun classes including flexibility, fitness, aerial dance
  • You want to train online AND In Studio (If you want online only ask about our VIRTUAL MEGA PASS)

The DUAL MEGA PASS is NOT recommended if you only want to train in pole dance.  Message us and Ask about our In Studio Series program $139 & Up



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Still not sure what we offer?  Check out our Class Categories Below


Take a look at our class categories and decide which offerings are in alignment with you fitness goals.





Are you ready to purchase your card?

We recommend starting with a DUAL MEGA PASS, there are a variety of Mega Passes to choose from based on your need.


Remember, This card is for use for Drop In Classes only, not series classes.

The type of MegaPass that you purchase is based on if you want to train online,  in studio or both.

You will see more deals if you are a new client vs. a returning client.


All Mega Passes include:

* Online Training, In Studio Training OR Both

* 24 Drop In Classes (daily limits and expiration vary)

* Free Public Practice Hours

* $5 Add On Class Options

* Option to extend active pass

* Courtesy Holiday Extensions


See which mega pass options are available ------>>>>>>> HERE: 

www.verticaljoefitness.com under "memberships" prior to class registration.

Text Us Before you purchase to see if there are any discount codes or specials!


Feel free to Text Us With Any Questions:

678 753 5637

International Whatsapp +1 770 309 3238



You can view the drop in class schedule at www.verticaljoefitness.com then determine which card is best for you.

The class schedule is updated quarterly and runs for 3 months.



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