Date Night Ideas Atlanta

Date Night Ideas Atlanta

Looking for some fun date night ideas?  Are you getting to know someone and want to take them dancing?  We have quite a few options for Lovers or Friends at The World Famous Vertical Joes.

There are 3 Class Formats to choose from.



Lap Dance for Lovers->>> WATCH

Lap Dance for Lovers is our most intimate couples class.  Learn an interactive Lap Dance with your dance partner.  Expect to bump & grind, dip those hips, sexy tango and perform choreo with your partner.  Couples like this class not only to keep things spicy but to build trust with their partner.

Dance Is My Love Language->>> WATCH

Dance Is My Love Language is a semi intimate couples class.  This class is interactive partner dancing.  It's more like attending a fun Salsa, Kizomba or Urban Ballroom type of session.  You can attend with friends or with someone you are getting to know but are not ready to nasty dance with them.... not yet...  The focus is to Learn to twirl, 2 step, lead and follow with any dance partner.

Line Dancing ---->>> WATCH

Our Co-ed line dance sessions are our least intimate couples class.  This class requires no contact with a partner.  This class focuses on learning social line dances to tear up the dance floor anywhere.  Learn popular and trending dances as well as signature line dances from the World Famous Vertical Joes.


We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that allow easy movement.

Leggings or Joggers Comfortable pumps 

Slacks, Hard Bottoms or Sweat pants & Sneaks

We do not recommend jeans as movement is restricted.  Zippers snag and fabrics sometimes bleed for close contact sessions.  



Most couples classes are seasonal.  We have the most options around Valentines Day.  Check our events schedule to book or schedule a private year round any day except for Sunday.



$150 2 Guest Private Lesson

$250 4-6 Guest 

$400 Max 10 Guest



All sessions are by appointment hosted at our midtown or decatur location

Text 678 753 5637 to schedule

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