Explore Dance Fitness With Us!

Explore Dance Fitness With Us!

Vertical Joes has an array dance fitness classes for all skill levels!

If you want to dance with us, but you are unsure where to begin, review this info and try some of the workouts to see what is the perfect fit for you.

Text us at 678 753 5637 with questions

Most dance fitness classes are offered virtually as they are multilevel, require minimal equipment and minimal space. 

Some offerings are available monthly In studio sessions, workshop and/or 1 on 1s are popular as well.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased Stamina, Strength and Flexibility
  • Improved Coordination and Balance
  • Relative Cross Training to Pole & Aerial Dance
  • Elevated Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Body Toning and Sculpting
  • Great for all levels of fitness


Twerk: Yes, I'm sure you know what Twerk is, but did you know that we have over 99 Ways To Twerk?  Twerk is a fun dance workout that incorporates African Dance moves to Trap Music rhythms.  

Classes like: 99 Ways To Twerk & Twerk & Pole Series are popular

---->>>> TWERK

Lapryderz: Chair dance is a fun way to workout with low impact on joints. Plus Lapryderz teaches sensual movement that crosses over nicely to partner style chair dance.

Classes like: Lapryderz, Lapryderz Series are Popular

----->>> LAPRYDERZ

Flexibility: We offer a variety of Flexibility classes.  Benefits of stretching is endless, we use flexibility as a cross training tool to elevate dance skills and decrease injury.  We put a little stank on all our workouts, so even if you don't like to stretch, you should give one of our stretch classes a try.  Some classes focus on splits, while others focus on backbends.  Find the stretch class that is right for you!

Classes like: Straddles & Splits, Stretch & Foam Rolling are popular


Floor work:  Grab some knee pads and long socks then hit the floor with us!  Floor work is an incredible way to improve core strength and flexibility while learning how to dance, yes, dance on the floor, without an apparatus.   These workouts are fierce and can transition into heels choreography to make you a dance powerhouse.  No rhythm needed, just floor space.

Classes Like Leg Flow & Liquid Motion are popular

------>>>>> FLOOR WORK

Stiletto: Every body wants to do hip hop in heels like Beyonce', J-Lo and more. Stiletto classes teach the are of dancing in heels with style.  These classes vary in style based on the song and trainer.  If you want to be a baddie with your heels dancing we recommend a Stiletto class with The World Famous Vertical Joes

Classes like Stiletto are popular



Fitness: We offer fun fitness and toning classes that are low impact and perfect for cross training.  These classes incorporate light weights, bands and more.  We know you know what time it is! 

Classes like Ass & Abs and Booty Bar are popular.


The following classes require small apparatus:

These classes are offered via Workshop.

Feet Up: Feet Up is a flexibility and inversion training tool.  We offer Feet Up as a class workshop or online training to help clients gain strength and confidence in going upside down.  Having your own Feet Up is required.

VJ Bounce: Formerly ATLBounce™ this classes uses Kangoo Jumps rebounding boots to get in a sweaty cardio fitness workout. Having your own Bounce Boots are required.

Skate & Pole:  Skating in ATL is a movement by all by itself.  Put some stank on your skate skills and join us for This class combo of Skate & Pole.  You will need your own skates, we have the pole part covered.  


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