Flex Membership

Flex Membership

Hey buds!  We know life gets in the way of our fun time at our favorite playground which is why we have introduced the Flex Membership!  With this membership, you choose monthly how you membership is used.





Choose One Option Monthly:

1. 24 Classes Online + Vitual Masterclass + VJ Merch Gift

2. 24 Classes IN STUDIO or ONLINE + Virtual Masterclass + Practice Hours

3. Training Day IN STUDIO Novice, Refresher or Conditioning Private Lesson + Practice Hours


Flex Member Perks Include:

Convenient Auto Draft Monthly

3 Flexible Options to choose from monthly 1 Flat Price

Online and/or In Studio Classes

No Daily Class Max

Practice Hours

Personal Practice Hours

On Demand

With this deal payments due by auto draft on the 1st of each month



This plan does not have a down payment fee!

You will pay a low prorated amount of today

Your first draft of $89 will be On the 1st of the month

Auto draft payments of $89 will continue monthly

Ask about our special introductory rates. Reg price $89.00 per month

Billing Cycle details and commitment terms will vary depending on membership selected.

On Demand *Must attend virtual or in studio orientation prior to activation*

6 Month Commitment

Cancel at anytime 30 days prior to upcoming draft via email to verticaljoefitness@gmail.com



Current Auto Draft Member paying $69+ per month?

You will receive and email to Flex at no additional charge

Text the hotline with questions 678 753 5637 now 

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