Get Your Practice On!

Get Your Practice On!

If you are signed up for a series at Vertical Joes, Class Card or Membership guess what- you get free practice hours :-)

In addition to your core training, you will need to practice your moves in order to perfect your new skills.

The average client attends 1 series, 1 drop in and 1 practice hour weekly.

The average student attends 2 drop ins and 1 practice hour weekly.

There are 3 Practice Hour Options:

  • Public: Open to the public to practice without assistance
  • Practice Hour: Open to members and series to practice without assistance
  • Assisted Practice Hour: Members & Series students practice with an instructor assistant
  • Personal: Select Memberships can schedule practice sessions at times additional to the schedule
  • Practice hours are available in multiple locations. Be sure to review our hub here ----->>>> HERE

Free practice hours are available based on studio availability once series and drop in classes are added to the schedule.  

 We do not guarantee a specific number of sessions as sessions can increase or decrease based on demand.

If you want to train more intensely we recommend purchasing a pole for home.  There are many options available to fit every home whether you own or rent!

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