How To Pack Smart: 10 Essential Travel Tips

How To Pack Smart: 10 Essential Travel Tips

If it's one thing I know about our clients is that they love to travel. Airlines are getting rich off of bag fees and luggage.  I thought it would be cool to share some of my packing tips so that you can spend you extra money on excursions instead of extra baggage fees!

I literally just spent a weekend in Dominican Republic with my items all in a lap top bag lol Packing smart is my specialty.  Here are some tips for Pole Dancers and Civilians In Disguise! 


1. Color Coordinate:

You gotta coordinate!  If you base your weeking wardrobe around a specific color/colors collection this will help eliminate extra clothes and the number of shoes in your travel bag.  For example if yellow is your base color you can create outfits based around black and yellow, yellow only, or yellow and another accent color.  Then you can pack one basic black heel and some yellow flip flops!

2. Bag In Bag:

Pack a bag that fits inside a bag just in case you need to expand or condense your luggage.  A beach bag, lite tote or something you don't mind tossing after the trip works best.  I like my extra bag for food so I don't risk any spills or leaks.  Airport usually doesn't trip on food especially if purchased in the airport. This will allow you to have space for shopping or even condensing your items to  carry on instead of checked bag.

3. ONE civilian heel:

Trust me, you don't need a bunch of heels. Pick one bad azz shoe that is comfy and will set off every outfit with it's presence alone. If you have to do pole shoes i take it in my personal bag as it makes my luggage too heavy too fast.  

4. ONE sneaker:

For me, my sneakers are my croc boots lol.   It's always smart to have a comfy shoe you can walk a country mile in or take on an excursion.  Save space in your bag and wear your shoes to the airport.

5. ONE flip flop/ slide

This is not up for debate... Whether its a gym shower or your civilian heels giving your feet hell, you will want a slide!

6. ONE wig:

Take one main wig witcha! Wear it to the airport so that your hair is gathered from jump.  This will help eliminate having extra toiletries or possibly forgetting hair items that are needed.  Always additional hair options Pack a ponytail, head wrap or hat for more hair options.  If you aren't a wig girl use this space for another must have of yours.

7. Get Travel Size Toiletries:

Reduce all toiletries to travel size, especially if the trip is short.  For longer trips, pack that must have full size item in your checked bag. Pack just enough for the trip so you can toss it and eliminate the checked bag upon return,

8. Get "Built In" Makeup:

I highly recommend lash extensions, fresh brow wax and any other built in make up possible.  The time you spend on makeup could be time enjoying the resort or soaking up some sun!

9. Complete Your Grooming In Advance

Don't wait to Get your nails done or stick on your press ons!  Get your body waxed and any other beauty item that will help you pack less and dress quicker.  Don't be the fren who forgot lash glue or is looking for a razor.  Handle that in advance!

10.  Read the fine print:

Read ALL the fine print because, they are out to get us lol

Economy companies such as Spirit and Frontier add a new rule every week. Be sure your bag fits in their bin or you will pay, pay, pay!  Oh and if it's a personal bag be sure it looks like one- per the airlines website.

International flights sometimes have limitations, for example, in Europe, all my toiletries for carry on had to fit in a very small ziploc. As a Black woman, in Europe, I had to protect my hair products at all cost lol I had no idea where to find my products so I went back and checked my bag.

I hope this helps!

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