Come P.O.P. It At The Home of P-Valley!!

Come P.O.P. It At The Home of P-Valley!!

Finally, Starz P-Valley,  has announced its Season 2 return June 3rd, 2022.  What better way to celebrate the return of The Pynk than a specialty series dedicated to Poppin' On Da Pole™!

Read the juicy details below!

Introducing The Vertical Joes Poppin' On Da Pole™ Series. 

The P.O.P.  (Poppin' On Da Pole) Series is Vertical Joe's twerking on the pole series. If you love southern style, King Of Diamonds, Magic City and Starz P-Valley, you're going to love this series.  Join us as we teach you signature skills and tricks known to wow crowds across the globe!   Get all your P.O.P. Basics™ in one course then venture to the next level up!

What's Included:

This 3 week Series includes 3 sessions and a bonus Performance Celebration Jam Session.  Classes train for 1 Hour Weekly with a Saturday Session at the conclusion of the series. 

When Is It?

Series begin May 3rd with bonus session May 21st. Times listed under registation link below.

We are going club style! We will dissect the dance moves, booty work and pole swag and other vertical skills that pay bills! Get all your P.O.P. Basics™ in one course then venture to the next level up! 

Which Class Should I Join?

-Beginners & Virgins: Attend Hello P.O.P.™

Hello P.O.P.™- This beginner series is perfect for pole virgins and beginners looking for that dirty south club dance style.  Learn the basics and master the beginner moves that will help you nail the moves executed by your favorite baddies!

-Intermediate | Advanced Pole dancers | Pole Conditioning Graduates- Polefessional : Attend P.O.P. II

This class is perfect for all levels above Pole Conditioning with strong climbs. Intermediate & Advanced polers should join this course as pole and twerk skills are very different than pole only.

This series is perfect for those that already have pole experience.  This class will condition you "club style" as you learn the pole & twerk skills necessary for survival in any club & party environment.  Gain strength, style and speed to execute tricks like our buds at our favorite clubs.

If you have pole experience and would like to join this class without completing the Hello P.O.P. prerequsite. Text demo to 678 753 5637 THIS IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF THIS COURSE TO DEMO IN TO.

Advanced Pole Athletes: If you are currently in Power Series with ALL Polefessional Moves + text P.O.P. Level III to RSVP *NO DEMOS*


Text "POP" TO 678 753 5637 FOR INFO OR SIGN UP 


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