P-Valley: The Pynk Auditions Are Here!

P-Valley: The Pynk Auditions Are Here!

If you are like me, your eyes are glued to Starz, anxiously awaiting Episode 2 of P-Valley.  Episode 1 was lit!  It was entitled "Pussyland", yes... you read correctly.

There was an epic opening dance scene in a car wash and The Pynk Posse and Mercedes served us up some sexy sauce with OG fire on top!  The Home Of P-Valley had the joy of cage hunting and creating dancer friendly set design items with the art team of P-Valley.

 In episode 1, in case you missed it, Autumn Night told Mercedes that it is time for some new blood at The Pynk!  So we had to do something for the fans.  This routine is inspired by Pussyland!

Since The Pynk Auditions Are Finally "Here" , let's have some fun and learn an audition routine to post when all the audition videos hit social media.  Don't worry, the routine is beginner friendly and requires no props.  We use a little fire in the demo, but don't worry about that!

Be sure to tune in to Starz P-Valley at midnight for Season 2 Episode 2!




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