Tips for Beginner Pole Dancing

Tips for Beginner Pole Dancing

Hey buds!   Welcome to our tips for The Beginner Pole Dancer Blog.   If you are here, we assume you are new to pole dancing.   

Are you buying one of everything online to prepare for your first lesson or did you arrive to your first lesson totally unprepared?

Well, we are here to help! By the end of this short read you will accomplish the following: 

* Know what products you will need for your beginner pole dance training

* Understand why certain products are necessary for your success in pole and aerial

*Save money by grabbing what is absolutely necessary for your journey at this time.

* Have a full list of items to choose from


So let's get into it!  

Skin for The Win:

 When training pole dancing, it is important that your skin is oil free and exposed.  Bare arms and bare legs are a must because your skin is needed for you to "stick" to the pole.  If you can't stick, you can't do tricks.  Wear simple short shorts outfits without tassles, stones, zippers or other hazardous items.  Then prepare your skin to win!  Lotion is a no no for class, even if you put it on in the morning, the lotion is in your pores.  When you begin to sweat in class, the moisture will deposit on to the pole and make you slide.

Sliding is very dangerous and a huge NO In general for pole.  But overly dry skin will make you slide too! Proper body preparation for the skin is how you win!

We recommend having clean skin and using products such as Corn Huskers Lotion, Dew Point, Polesmart, Aloe Vera Gel or similar to keep your skin oil free without ash as you train pole.

Don't Slip, Grip:

People always ask, should I use grip products or not.  We have a simple answer- use it ONLY if your need it.  And if you use it, you shouldn't become addicted to it.

When we refer to grip, we are speaking more of products to go on your slippery hands to enhance your grip.  We recommend beginning without grip to see how you take to the pole.  Sometimes your hands slip because of nervousness on a new apparatus, not because your palms are actually sweaty.

If you are going to use a grip aid we recommend starting with Dry Hands. It is an antiperspirant for your hands that works well for a variety of beginner moves. Other grip products that are not antiperspirants may cause to much grip and not allow freedom of movement due to the pole being too sticky.  We also only recommend grip that goes on your body as we do not allow grip to be applied directly to the pole.

Grip gloves questions come up often.  If you have tried Dry Hands and your palms still fell slippery, grip gloves maybe another alternative for you.  They protect your hands especially for those that callous quickly.  When purchasing gloves be sure to get NON TACKY for static pole training.  Not getting the right gloves will hinder you from nailing your tricks and also give you a false sense of security when gripping the pole.

We recommend antiperspirant based grip such as Dry Hands or NonTacky Grip Gloves.  Beginners please away from products like Itac, Firm Grip and Tuff Skin 

Ballerinas Wear Ballet Shoes

Get your feet in the proper foot wear.  Some pole classes are bare foot but most are in pole shoes.  Pole dancers wear pole shoes to protect their feet, enhance their grip, improve movement and overall aesthetics in movement.  In many classes, everyone wears shoes for safety reasons.  If someone is barefoot next to someone with an 8 inch heel and their feet collide the bare foot person would be injured.  Plus, bare feet don't do cool things like heel clacks lol

High heels are not for everyone. If you have a sneaker with some grip on it, we would recommend them.  If you are into heels, our basic 6 inch open toe, open heel shoes are the perfect start for beginners.  Even if you are a heel lover, this basic shoe is best for beginners to dance, balance and protect their feet in class.  We climb a lot and we execute tricks a number of times.  Reduce bruises, protect your feet and learn how to enhance your flow with your shoes.  Shoes vary with sizing and most dance shoes do not have half sizes.  Check out our shoe blog below for more details.

We recommend a low heel with platform, ankle support and grippy texture.  Our Pole Jordans or Pole Force Ones are perfect so aim for something similar.


The better the knees, the better the poler lol We highly recommend knee pads because at some point you are going to have to get down on the floor! When that time comes you want to be comfortable and not weary of knee pain or discomfort on the floor and floor work is a huge part of pole work.  All knee pads are not created equal and neither are our calves lol.  It takes time to find the right knee pad for you, but here are key things to remember. Civilian knee pads are not grippy, so when the time comes to execute pole tricks you will be at a disadvantage and maybe at risk for sliding.  Pole dancing knee pads are grippy and help assist with tricks without sliding.  If you have juicy thighs knee pads are harder to find so if you see XL or XXl grab them while they are available.

We recommend grippy knee pads made specifically for pole dancing.


We hope these tips help!  We created a list just for you on Amazon And we have a shoe finder blog that should set you straight!

Drop A Comment and Let Us Know How It Goes

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