All About Poles: As Seen On Tiktok

All About Poles: As Seen On Tiktok

The World Famous, Vertical Joes was established in 2009, and is known as the foundation pole studio of Atlanta.  

We are known as "The Home of P-Valley" as we have provided talent, equipment and much more for the hit television show that airs on STARZ since the first pilot of the show.

 We were the first to tour pole dancing in concert with Lil' Wayne in 2007.  Since then, we have provided poles and aerial athletes for Ludacris, Summer Walker, Young Dolph, Drake and more.  We are trusted and reputable in our industry.  All Poles Lead To Joes!

If you are interested in a pole for your home or business, please read this entire blog and watch video below to learn your basic pole knowledge.  This information is fundamental for pole purchase from Vertical Joes.


We carry 3 basic types of poles:  

Residential Tension Poles (aka Poles At Home)
As Seen On P-Valley: 
Miss Mississippi Home X-Pole Sold by Vertical Joes 

When at home, a removable pole can be placed up and taken down very quickly with ease.  Removable poles can be fixed to the ceiling by a ceiling plate with a permanent fixing, but the poles themselves will always be removable. These poles are pressure based and can be placed on either a solid ceiling or a metal or wooden beam. The poles cannot be placed on false ceilings.

Poles over 3370 mm, 132.7 inches or 11 feet .07 inches must be permanent and reinforced. Check with the manufacturer for structural details.


This pole can also be upgraded to a convertible version to make it more multi-use and ease storage. 

Commercial Tension Poles (aka Studio Grade Poles)
As Seen On P-Valley: 
The Pynk Club X-Pole 
Sold by Vertical Joes 

If you are opening a studio or using any venue for commercial use, we recommend that you use fixed permanent poles. These are dual lined and can be either one piece or two pieces. 

These poles are then attached from the ceiling and the floor, using a permanent ceiling mount, and pinned to the floor. This will allow you to keep your poles for longer and know that they can withstand the continuous use. 

These poles can be used from 2.8m high to 4.7m if using one-piece pole or 4.2m if using a multi-piece competition pole.


Stage Poles (aka Free Standing Poles)
As Seen On P-Valley: 
The Champagne Room 
X-Pole / Lollipop 
Sold by Vertical Joes

Free standing means that the pole is not fixed to the ceiling and no pressure is needed.  The Free Standing Stages are recommended for ceilings higher than 3.5 meters (138 inches or 11 feet 6 inches) or for studio spaces with false ceilings.

Now that you have these details, the residential and tension pole are the most popular poles.  Watch this video before moving on to the next step.




Now that you have your basic pole knowledge, Text "BUY MY POLE" to 678.753.5637 to shop poles with us!

Questions? Drop a comment or ask questions.  We are here to help.

The next time you are in ATL come visit us at The World Famous Vertical Joes!


Here are some tools to help you prep for your new pole!

1- A Friend 

2- Measuring Tape

3- Ladder | Step Ladder



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Tania Carrillo

I’m interested in the swivel & holder to lay pole on ceiling so I don’t have to keep taking mine down when company comes. Can I get info on that plz?

Brandy Huffman

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