VJ Hubs Are Here!

VJ Hubs Are Here!


Are you ready for more VJs, more locations and more fun!

VJs Hubs are locations around the city that are VJs approved for specific purposes such as private trainings, practices, rehearsals or other needs for our amazing clients.  Satellites are mini studios around the city, like our Tucker location.

While there is still only 1 VJs Headquarters benefits of VJ Hubs include:

  • More Convenient Practice Options Around The City
  • Private Lessons
  • Filming or Content Needs
  • Intimate Space for rehearsals 
  • Personal Practice Time

Be sure to pay close attention to classes when signing up to be sure you are aware of which location your session is at.

Current Hub Locations:

Sandy Springs: Do The Most (Practice /Competition Hub)

West Midtown: Studio 3 (Practice/Competition Hub)

West Midtown: Satellite Studio Just added!  Sign up for class and find out!!!

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Would you like a hub in your neighborhood?  Text our hotline 678 753 5637 to apply

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