The "Tik Tok" Pole

The "Tik Tok" Pole

The World Famous, Vertical Joes was established in 2009, and is known as the foundation pole studio of Atlanta.  

We are known as "The Home of P-Valley" as we have provided talent, equipment and much more for the hit television show that airs on STARZ since the first pilot of the show.

During the filming of P-Valley Season 2, we were in the middle of a pandemic and found ourselves trying to find poles for the lead actresses and athletes to train safely at home.  When we consulted with Brandee aka Mercedes, we knew we had to come with something different!   The best place for her pole was in a groove between her kitchen and living room.  

With set-ups like this, it is easy to forget the pole is there when not in use.  One major concern was that someone could bump into it and get injured.  

We reached out to our amazing sponsors at X-Pole and the rest was history!!! 

If you are interested in a pole with ceiling storage, there are 3 Things you need to know before you make a purchase.

There are 2 types of poles the storage system can be used with:

1. The ceiling storage system can be used with: 

- Residential tension poles

- Commercial tension poles

(To learn more about poles, check out our All About Poles Blog)

2. This pole is convertible. 
This means It can be used FOUR WAYS.  Our pole can be fully removable, used with vaulted ceiling, popcorn ceilings or it can be used with our ceiling storage system with professional installation. 

3. Our product can only be used with X-Pole products. 

Please do not attempt to mix/match equipment. It is risky and dangerous.

Now that you have these details, let's talk about pole seen on the 

@verticaljoes Tik Tok page in detail.

This brilliant storage system was created by X-Pole, The World's Leader In Pole Fitness.




Now that you have reviewed the BLOG and VIDEO above in its entirety.

Lets move on to the next steps!!

Purchase the Convertible Pole WITHOUT the ceiling storage: once we restock the parts for ceiling storage we will notify you to purchase.

Click image above for our current PURCHASE OPTIONS

- The average cost for the convertible pole WITHOUT ceiling storage $599 & up

Once purchase completed, reply back “POLE BOOKED” to 678-753-5678 


Join our waitlist for Convertible Pole WITH ceiling storage

 - The average cost for the convertible pole WITH ceiling storage is $799 & up

*These Prices above does NOT include taxes, shipping and professional installation.

Drop a comment or ask questions via texting the studio hotline.  We are here to help.

The next time you are in ATL come visit us at The World Famous Vertical Joes for a class or book a party with us!


Excerpts: XPERT Pole Fitness / X-Pole US

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