Virtual Joes Online

Virtual Joes Online

Are you ready to train online?  Read the info below then click HERE to join your online class for 50% off!  

Use discount code LITLIVE at check out and get 50% your first class.

We are so excited to have you join us for an Online  Session.  Signing up for class is easy as 1-2-3!   READ ALL

  1. Qualify
  2. Register
  3. Attend  

More info below...

Current Online sessions available with advanced booking include:

  • Select 1 on 1s
  • Private parties
  • Pole Drop Ins
  • Dance Drop Ins
  • Fitness Drop Ins
  • Twerk 1 on 1s



Vertical Joe's classes are tiered by prerequisites so that our clients can receive the most out of their training. Everyone in the class has the same skill set and terminology which guarantees the class will cover the tricks listed in the description.  Not all classes have a prerequisite, once you visit the schedule you will see if your class has a requirement.

The class requirement /prerequisites are listed next to the class. If you have not completed the requirements, you will be removed from class without refund or warning. Ie: Climb Clinic $25 (3 Newbies & Climb Reqd) This means you have to complete 3 Newbies and have the ability to climb to attend this class.  

All new clients and newbies must attend newbies classes prior to higher level classes with pole, aerial, liquid, voluptuous or similar classes.  Experienced clients can complete a demo submission online.  Most non apparatus offerings are all levels and do not require a prerequisite.  


A demo is perfect for those with experience to receive class placement at Vertical Joe's bypassing basics to the level appropriate for them.  To complete a demo please text "demo" to 678 753 5637 72 hours or more prior to your desired course.  Please note the following:

  • All clients must attend Liquid Motion for Newbies prior to higher level Liquid classes unless a demo is completed in advance through a concierge appointment.
  • All clients must attend Aerial Silks for Newbies prior to higher level silks classes.
  • All clients must attend Lyra Hoop for Newbies prior to higher level silks classes.
  • All level classes vary if newbie friendly or not as it depends on the class.



To register for a class you must sign up online and complete payment online for your session no later than 2 hours prior to class time.

You will need a membership type to attend.  Memberships are available as Pay As You Go or AutoDraft Options.  You can purchase one class or a group of classes to get more classes for less.  These options will be available at check out. 

Visit our class schedule to register ---------->>>>>>  here!

If you receive a "cookies" error you can see the class schedule ---->>>>>  here!



All classes are offered Eastern Standard Time, Zoom account is required.

All participants must have video on for lessons.




     Vertical Joe's does not offer any refunds or class credits for missed classes.  If you can't attend please be sure to cancel out of class 12 hours prior to receive class credit. Parties please follow party policy listed in info text at the time of booking.  Please note the following:

  • Late Entry of 10 Minutes may not join class
  • Late cancellation results in loss of class credit
  • No Show Clients will receive a charge prior to attending next session
  • We have the right to refuse service to unkind people without refund.

We have a variety of fun fitness classes requiring no equipment for you to stay safe and train with us in the privacy of your own home.

We have everything from Lapryderz, Cardio Striptease, A$$ & Abs, Straddles & Splits, Instructor Certifications and more.

Of course, we have a variety of pole fitness classes for those with a pole at home and the infamous 99 Ways To Twerk as seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  No equipment needed for most lessons.

Items Needed: Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer + Internet Connection + Class Credits

Prepping for Class: Find a small space in your home with decent light. Gather common class items such as mat, knee pads, sneakers, heels, weighted objects. 

Find a good place to prop your device or order a tripod stand to secure it.

Pre-Class Registration:  You will need to register for class at and create an account at  It is easy and free. 

Class Sign In:

Log in to at class time Click "Dashboard" and select your online class you are registered for

Click the Begin Streaming | Open Video button at class time. No need to go to zoom it will begin magically but will require your username and password.


Message us for assistance at 6787535637 for any additional assistance.Here is our list of favorite items to get for the best Virtual class experience:


  • Help the teacher see your full body at home get this for any device:

Joe's Fave Wide Lens

  • If you don't want the entire family to hear our naughty words & music get this for any device:

Crystylez Fav Headphones/Microphone:

FiyaStartas Fav Headphones/Microphone:

  • If you want a bigger viewing screen of your trainer get this and plug to TV:

FiyaStartas Fav Thunderbolt to HDMI: Mac Only

or get an HDMI cord to connect directly to your TV 

or Connect wirelessly to your SmartTV

or use Googlecast or similar

  • If you want better lighting get this:

"Big Dawg "Ring Light:

there are smaller ring lights fyi- this is the bigger powerful one

  • For Less Delays and Stronger Connection:

Laptops only- Get an ethernet cord from WalMart, Amazon etc and connect directly to your router

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